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Model Close-Up

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Last updated:

Feb. 3, 2002


Model Close-Up

It would have been a normal day after school for the 17-year-old banking

and finance student: Patricia Hartmann was just hanging out with her

friends at a local cafe, when fate (in the form of a modelling scout)

chose her. The scout convinced Patricia to join an agency in her

hometown of Munich, where they changed her name to "Patsy Hart."

At 18 and back to "Patricia," she decided it was "all or nothing" and

moved to Paris. Patrica planned on being in Paris for only 6 weeks.

Well, those 6 weeks turned into 6 years. It was in Paris that renowned

hairdresser, Yannick D'Ys cut her hair and gave her the "Twiggy" look

that put her on the map and prompted Karl Lagerfeld to book her for his

fashion shows. Patricia went on to do several prestigious campaigns,

including Valentino, Alberta Ferretti, Yves Saint Laurent, and Joan

Vass. In addition to those campaigns, Patricia has been the cover girl

on American, Italian, French, and German Elles, Marie Claire, Harper's

Bazaar, Madame Figaro and Allure, among others. She's also appeared in

American, British, Italian, French and German Vogues, Harper's Bazaar,

Mademoiselle, and Glamour.

For the past 2 years, Patricia has been the face for L'Oreal cosmetics

worldwide for print ads and television. She is also a familiar face on

the runways of New York, Paris and Milan. With such an impressive body

of work to her credit, Patricia's biggest fans are still her family. Her

mother has even manufactured a gallery of her daughter's covers back

home in Munich.

Though Patricia is afraid of flying, an essential part of being a model,

she does enjoy travelling. It's one of the aspects that she "loves and

hates" about her job. When not working, Patricia likes to take it easy

and lead a "normal" life, which includes going to the gym, seeing

friends, and cooking dinner.

Having just recently moved to New York City, Patricia is having the time

of her life. Patsy Hart, eat your heart out!

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